Where Do I Buy Made in America?

Cleaning Supplies and Such

Women's Clothing

Modcloth- http://www.modcloth.com/store/modcloth/made-in-the-usa- You have to dig around to find the filter, but they still have a great selection of things when you cut out all the Made in China.
Overstock.com-  http://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Made-In-USA,/other,/7/store.html This is the link to their Made in America filter. It would be a great choice if you are looking for affordable and ethical!
Shabby Apple- http://www.shabbyapple.com/ - Extremely cute dresses and skirts

Men's Clothing

Rogue Territory- http://www.rogueterritory.com/shop/- If John Wayne was a hipster, he would have shopped here.
Self-Edge- http://www.selfedge.com/self-edge- Not only does this store have great clothes and accessories, it also does jean repair, so you can make your stuff last longer!


School House Electric- http://www.schoolhouseelectric.com/- Originally a lighting store, this Portland-based company has all kinds of cool furniture and decor.


Fat Brain Toys- https://www.fatbraintoys.com/specials/made_in_america.cfm?q=&d1=&d2=&d3=&d4=&d5=&d6=US&d7=&d8=&d9=&d10=&d11=&sf=y&s=154&m=51&o=1&ld=d - Has an American Made filter, with toys, games, and books!
Flarble- http://www.flarble.com/fly.html I do not fully understand what this toy is, but I'll be honest, I kind of like that. you sort of snap your fingers and the toy can go up to 20 ft into the air. Could be a flop, or the kind of gift that makes the holiday.
Lark Made Toys- http://www.larktoys.com/lark-made-toys/- Super super cute wood toys. I would like them all, please!
Little Tikes- http://www.littletikes.com/sales+deals/made-in-usa/icat/salesmia- Not everything is made in the USA, but a lot of it is. You can see the filter here (or on Amazon). My Nana has one of those red cars, and it has lasted through 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I just bough the sandbox for my nephew, and it was a huge hit!
Tag Toys- http://www.tagtoys.com/index.php- The kind of wood toys that can stand up to a lot of kids over time. Super cute and simple.
Tavern Puzzles- http://tavernpuzzles.stores.yahoo.net/puzzle.html Does anyone else remember the phase where all their family members had some of these in their house? Good toy for keeping grown-ups occupied.
Tigercandy Arts- http://www.tigercandyarts.com/ Sock puppets to another level. Super pretty and adorable.
The United States Playing Card Company- http://www.usplayingcard.com/Probably one of those things you can buy used, but if not, buy them here!
Wild Apples- http://www.wildapples.com/index.htm- Another set of wooden toys. It has an especially beautiful Noah's Ark set, and a cool Nativity Set for kids.
World's Greatest Bath Boats- http://www.bathboats.com/collections/proven-favorites- these bath boats do look pretty darn cute. Could very well be the world's greatest.

Baby Stuff

Other General Awesomeness

Scout Books- http://www.scoutbooks.com/- Great notebooks for anyone in school. A great alternative to Moleskine, which isn't as forthcoming about where its books are made.



Duluth Pack- https://www.duluthpack.com/luggage/luggage-bags- Purses and duffle bags. Well-designed and simple.

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